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Sample Paper – 1
Help:- Red answer is wrong and green answer is correct...
1  Which of the following is not insured under Standard Fire & Special perils policy

2  Under Overseas Medical Policy(loss of checked baggage) for which of the following items claim is NOT paid

3  Under Money insurance which of these statements is correct. Estimated amount of cash in transit during the policy period 1. is the maximum amount payable for any one loss 2. is the amount on which the premium is collected

4  Which of the following risks is excluded under Television insurance policy

5  Which of the following provide Social Security

6  Insured's Declared Value of obsolete vehicles is to be determined by

7  The legal right to insure means

8  Subject to no claim, cost of medical checkup once in every ..underwriting years is payable under Mediclaim policy

9  An appeal against the order of the National Commission can be made within a  period of ..days from the date of order

10  As per General Insurance Business (Nationalisation)Amendment Act 2002,General Insurance Corporation of India shall carry on

11  Which of the following risks is excluded under cattle policy

12  Which of the following is covered under Institute Cargo Clauses ©

13  Escalation clause added to the fire policy allows automatic regular increase not exceeding ..% in sum insured throughout the period of the policy

14  Which of the following property is covered under the fire policy if expressly stated in the policy

15  Which of the following perils is NOT covered under Standard Fire and Special perils policy

16  AS per the Insurance Act, 1938(as amended)an insurer has to obtain a report from a licensed surveyor if the loss equals or exceeds

17  Which of the following is NOT payable under Burglary(Business Premises) policy

18  An insured cannot recover more than his actual loss because of

19  Under which of the following circumstances reinstatement basis of settlement will NOT apply under Fire reinstatement value policy

20  In which of the following policies the principle of indemnity is modified

21  Which of the following is NOT required in the Mediclaim Proposal form

22  Under which of the following Fidelity Guarantee policies,'per capita' additional premium is charged

23  Which of the following statements is correct according to law--1.The parties to a commercial contract have to observe good faith 2.The parties to an insurance contract have to observe utmost good faith

24  Which of the following statements is true--1.Marine Cargo policies are valued policies 2.Marine hull policies are valued policies

25  Under Personal Accident cover for Owner-driver the capital sum insured for commercial vehicles is

26  Which of the following is true as per the Arbitration condition in fire and most miscellaneous policies  1. All differences in respect of a claim are to be referred to aribitration 2. Differences regarding amount of claim only to be paid are to be referre

27  If group P.A. policy cover is required when the employee is not at work and /or not on official duty i.e."off-duty"cover, the reduced premium of ..% of the normal premium is charged

28  Sum insured under an insurance policy means

29  Which of the following is not a function of a direct broker as per IRDA Regulations

30  If there is no insurable interest the insurance contract becomes

31  As per IRDA Regulations which of the following is NOT a function of the Third Party Administrators

32  Under the Motor vehicles Act,the amount of compensation for death on the basis of no-fault liability is Rs.

33  Which of the following statements is true 1. No medical examination is required for fresh cover for personal accident insurance  2. Medical examination is required for renewal of personal accident insurance

34  Which of the following statements is true. Liability under Workmen's Compensation Act is to be compulsorily insured in respect of 1. workers carried in a goods vehicle 2. workers carried in a public service vehicle

35  Which of the following complaints cannot be made to the Ombudsman

36  Which of the following exclusions of Industrial Risks Public Liability policy can be covered under a separate policy

37  Under Corporate Frequent Travel Annual policy the duration of any one trip not to exceed ..days

38  In which of the following professional indemnities there is no provision for voluntary excess

39  Renewal notice is issued because

40  Out of the following documents for 'Own Damage'motor claims, select one which is additionally required for commercial vehicle (goods carrier) claims

41  Turnover is Rs. 10 lakhs. Cost of production Rs. 7 lakhs. Fixed overheads Rs. 2 lakhs. Calculate the net profit for consequential loss (fire) policy

42  Which of the following statements is true. 1. Terrorism is included in Riot,Strike and Malicious Damage 2. Terrorism is a separate cover at extra premium without Riot,Strike and Malicious Damage

43  Under the private car package policy the towing charges in respect of a damaged vehicle mean

44  Which of the following statements is true 1. All disputes regarding claim nder the fire policy are to be referred to a Civil Court 2. Disputes regrding the amount of claim payable are to be referred to arbitration

45  Which of the following is NOT covered under Spoilage Material Damage extenstion

46  Which of the following documents is NOT required for processing private car 'Own Damage'claims

47  No complaints to the Ombudsman shall lie

48  Which of the following statements is true--1.In fire insurance insurable interest is required both at the time of taking the policy and at the time of loss 2. In marine hull insurance insurable interest is required both at the time of taking the policy an

49  Which of the following statements is true. 1. Code of conduct regulations apply to micro-insurance agents 2. Advertisement regulations apply to micro-insurance agents

50  Which of the following does NOT apear in the indemnity clause of Workmen's Compensation insurance